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      Ultraviolet Absorbent  
      Light Stabilizer  
      Fluorescent Whitening Agent  
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    »  Ultraviolet Absorbent
    Ultraviolet absorber UV-1164
    Chemical name 2-(4,6-Bis-(2,4-dimethylphenyl)-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)-5-(octyloxy)-phenol
    Molecular formula C33H39N3O2
    CAS NO. 2725-22-6
    Structural formula
    Main indicators appearance: light yellow powder
    content: ≥99%
    melting point: 87-89℃
    ash content: ≤0.1%
    light transmittance: 450nm>90%;500nm>95%
    solubility(25℃ )(g/100g solvent): acetone:74; benzene:72; Methyl alcohol :2; ehtyl alcohol (95%):2.6; n-Heptane:40; Hexane:40.1
    Features and uses

    Ultraviolet absorber UV-1164 is an effective anti-aging agent with excellent performance. UV1164 has a strong absorbance for both UVA and UVB, with a range of 200-400 nm. It has light color, no toxicity, good compatibility, little migration, easy to process, low volatility and strong photothermal stability. It is widely used in PE, PET, PA, POM, PC, ABS, PMMA and other aspects. It provides them with a good light stabilization effect. Dosage: 0.2%-0.5%.

    Storage and packaging

    Ultraviolet absorber UV-1164 is non - toxic, non - flammable, non - explosive, non - corrosive, good storage stability. Weight 20 or 25kg/ barrel, also can be designed according to customer's requirement.


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