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      Ultraviolet Absorbent  
      Light Stabilizer  
      Fluorescent Whitening Agent  
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    »  Ultraviolet Absorbent
    Ultraviolet Absorbent UV-T
    Chemical Name 2- benzyl benziminazole -5- sulfonic acid
    Structural Formula
    Main Indexes Outward appearance: white or kind of white crystallization powder
    Content :≥ 98.0%
    Melting point :>300 ℃
    Dry weightlessness: ≤ 1%
    Characteristics and Uses This is a new ultraviolet ray absorbent, It can absorb 920~990, When the uvradiation as302 nmwave length.It’s absorbing ability was 3 times than the,general ultraviolet absorbents.It was maily used in the cosmetics and water paint.
    The dosage in cosmetics : 1.5 %~2 %,In coating 4 %~6 %.put UV-T into 10 share water and then mix the NaOH into them to adjust the PH as 8 at last add them into the paints
    Storing and Packing It is packed in the high pressboard drum, net weight:25Kg

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